Who We Are and Why We Started a Vanlife Podcast

Hello world! We’re Chelsea and James – a couple of travel addicts who set off in a van to explore the world.

A little about us! Chelsea is originally from Texas; James is from London. We’ve been friends for years, and recently embarked on a cross-country adventure together in a campervan. Our travels have taken us from Miami, to Los Angeles, all the way up the Pacific coast to Canada, and now to Europe.

We started this podcast because we wanted to share a side of #vanlife you may not see very often on Instagram. When we first started thinking about doing #vanlife full time, we thought we were going to have to drop like $10K on a van, and spend at least six months on a build. Everything we saw of #vanlife looked AWESOME – but expensive and kinda glamorous!

What we’ve learned over the past few months is that it actually takes a lot less than you might think. We really believe #vanlife is doable for everyone, regardless of what you have to spend.

In our first few episodes, we’ll be covering things like how to choose a vehicle, plan a cheap (but effective) build, travel on a budget, and secure remote work from the road. And we’ll be doing it just we head to Europe and start from scratch there. New van, new build, new continent. We’d love for you to come along on the journey with us. we’ll be sharing our learnings, mistakes (there will definitely be a few), and tips along the way.

We’re new to this whole podcasting thing so welcome your suggestions and feedback! Shoot us a message if you have any ideas or episode requests. Really excited to be here and look forward to connecting with everyone. 🙂